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Lash & Brow Enhancement

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination involves the “perming” of your eyebrow hairs to provide a fuller, more even look. … First, your provider will apply a cream to your brows that aims to “lift” up your hairs. Next, your brow hairs are brushed upward to help pull them in a uniform vertical


Brow Tint only: $45

Brow Lamination + Wax: $80

Brow Lamination +  Wax + Tint: $125

Brow Wax

Brow mapping + wax: $20

Brow wax + lip wax: $30

Lash Lift

Lash Lift is the safe and easy way to temporarily curl or straighten natural lashes. Instant results will give you the look you desire without the commitment of lash extensions. Lasts 4-6 weeks

Lash tint; $35

Lash Lift only: $80

Lash lift + tint: $125

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